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Review: FINALLY!!!! I got my license!! I had gone to another driving school in the area and I am so happy I switched to Gotham. On-time, courteous, and PATIENT INSTRUCTORS. I had Ed and Mark as instructors. Take your pick they both rule. Hi Irene!!

I am so happy I can't stop smiling. Great experience from beginning to end.

My mom is next and in a cpl years my lil brother.

Get ready Gotham. Thanks again....You're all the best!!!!
Student Name: Raquel
Instructor: Mark
Review: THE BEST driving school in the Bronx! I tried several other schools but after only a few lessons at Gotham with Mark I was able to get my license. Mark is very knowledgeable, super-patient, calm and gives you the confidence to succeed. I HIGHLY recommend this driving school and I highly recommend Mark if you are serious about driving.
Student Name: R.B
Instructor: Mark
Review: Oh!!!!! yes I'm a fan as well a grateful student that got her license on the first try. My Instructor was Ed, he was so patience and had an answered for every question I had about driving. Super knowledgeable. I'm very happy that I went to this driving school. Thank Mr. Ed G
Student Name: Tatiana G.
Instructor: Eddie
Review: At first , I was doubtful of Marc been mentioned here so many times. Took my 5 hr class and HOLY S$@#. Such a good dude. Answered all my questions. Gave us, as in the class, his personal opinion on how to pass the test and what to lookout for.
I will defenetly use again , for my wife to learn how to drive before putting her on the wheel of my car lol!
Student Name: Mauro B.
Instructor: Mark
Review: Eddy couldn't have been more professional, patient, or efficient! I'd recommend Gotham to anyone in need of either training for a license test or in need (like me) of brushing up on their skills. He has a natural way of putting you at ease and simplifying even the most complicated of driving techniques (hello parallel parking). And the rates are very reasonable.
Student Name: Josh F.
Instructor: Eddie
Review: I STRONGLY recommend this driving school not only just to learn the things you need to know to pass the road test, but to be a good driver overall. I have been to another driving school and even though I was learning, lets just say the experience was rough. Here I was comfortable and the lessons flew by at an easy going pace. My family saw dramatic improvement with me as the lessons went on and I passed my road test with ease. This is the school to go to if you really want to learn to drive.
Student Name: Michael Sandino
Instructor: Eddie
Review: When I was in H/School my Mother was learning how to drive and got her license. When I came home from college I wanted to learn how to drive and my Mother said lets call Gotham I hope they are still on business. Well they were still on business, but not only that Ed which it was my Mothers instructor was still with Gotham.... it really was a great experience and I got my license on the first try, it was true what my she said that Ed was a supper good Instructor, this time she was right!!!!
Student Name: Alicia R.
Instructor: Eddie
Review: I was a city girl all my life, I did not have the chance to take driving lessons until I moved to Riverdale. Needless to say, I could not have
picked a better driving school! Mark was a very patient instructor, who saw to it that I could pass my road test and become a good driver. I could not have done this without him! I recommend GOTHAM for anyone learning to drive!
Student Name: Pnina G.
Instructor: Mark
Review: Greatest experience of my life. When he teaches you to drive, you feel calm with no stress.
Student Name: Kleona V.
Instructor: Mark
Review: A great school to learn how to drive...or in my case, relearn how to drive. I got my license during my senior year of high school, but didn't drive once I got it.

Years later, for various reasons, I need to know how to drive. My instructor was Mark and he is great. He is patient and can judge our skill after the first few lessons to tailor what you need work on in future lessons.

I'm glad I found this school. Now I feel confident in my skills to drive anywhere I need to go.
Student Name: Shoshana S.
Instructor: Mark
Review: Great teacher! Never could have passed my road test, without taking lessons with him.
Student Name: Wei Y.
Instructor: Mark
Review: Very patient and easy going. I needed an Instructor like him. It was great I got my license on the 1st try. Everything about the school is great.
Student Name: Candi G.
Instructor: Eddy
Review: I felt very great. He is very gentle and easy going Instructor and help a great deal. I will recommend anyone to this School.
Student Name: Alicia P.
Instructor: Eddy
Review: Eddie is very patient. He makes me aware of my surroundings, points out any mistakes I've made and makes me think about upcoming situations. Overall; a very good instructor. If you need driving lesson He is your Instructor.
Student Name: Marie O.
Instructor: Eddie
Review: I got my license @ Gotham in 1998, after many years of not driving I look for Gotham again, because I wanted to get a Refresher Course. I could not find them, they had moved to Mosholu Ave. still in Rivendale but I could not believe they had moved so I panic because I wanted the same Inst. Ed Goldstein He was great. Once I got in touch with them I felt much better. I'm driving again thanks to Gotham and Ed He still the "Greatest". I would recommend this School to any one and specially My Instructor.
Student Name: Carolyn A.
Instructor: Ed Goldstein
Review: I just passed road test today! Gotham driving school was super excellent,professional,and patient. My instructor was Ed. He was very calm,relaxed and pointed out many fine details of the road. He taught me how to drive safely and with confidence. Its afforable and you do get your full lessons. I highly recommend Gotham! Having tried another school before gotham I can say Gotham is the very best driving school around. Mr.Ed truly is a master driver. I cant thank him enough for showing me such patience. He rules!! I'm one happy student! Hi Irene!!!
Student Name: Rachel I.
Instructor: Ed