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The Next Defensive Driving Course to OCTOBER 22nd, 2017

Driving Instructions in Riverdale, NY

Earn a reputation for being a good driver with beginning, advanced, and defensive driving courses from Gotham Driving School in Riverdale, New York. Whatever your skill level, we have a class that prepares you for safer driving. To enroll or to receive more information, call Gotham Driving School at (718) 548-2300.

Complete Beginning Courses with Learner's Permit

Pre-licensing course ( only ) $ 45.00 IN CASH

Each beginning package includes:
1.) The Pre-licensing course.
2.) The road test appointment.
3.) The rental of the car for the day of the road test.

The Pre-Licensing Course will be given on Wednesday 11/22/2017 @ 5pm

Prices depend on the amount of lessons that are needed

The school requires 24 hours advance notice for any changes or cancellations otherwise charges will be applied.

  • 4 - Lessons Package - $340.00
  • 5 - Lessons Package - $395.00
  • 6 - Lessons Package - $450.00 + Rental Tax $14.90
  • 10 - Lessons Package - $670.00
  • Each Additional Lesson - $55.00

Easy Payment Available

Beginning and Advanced (Lessons Only) Are Available for:

  • 3 - Lessons Package- $155.00
  • 6 - Lessons Package - $310.00
  • 9 - Lessons Package - $465.00
  • Each Additional Lesson - $55.00

Easy Payment Available

Defensive Driving Course

Learn defensive driving and save on insurance. You receive a 10% discount on collision and liability insurance when you complete our defensive driving course. This is a 6-hour classroom session for $50.

Our driving school teaches you all of the road rules you need to be a skilled driver.