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OCTOBER 25TH, 2015

The Pre-Licensing Course will no be giving on


Hours of Instruction:

Monday - Friday: 
9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Beginning, Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses in Riverdale, New York

Earn a reputation for being a good driver with beginning, advanced, and defensive driving courses from our school in Riverdale, New York. Whatever your skill level, we have a class that prepares you for safer driving. To enroll or to receive more information, call Gotham Driving School at
(718) 548-2300.

Auto Interior, Defensive Driving Courses in Riverdale, NY

Complete Beginning Courses with Learner's Permit


Each beginning package includes:
1.) The Pre-licensing course.   THURSDAYS @ 5 PM. & SATURDAYS @ 10 AM.

         Pre-licensing  course ( only ) $ 45.00 IN CASH OR MONEY ORDER   

2.) The road test appointment.                
3.) The rental of the car for the day of the road test.

Prices vary depending on how many hours of in-car driving lessons are needed.The prices are as follows:


• 4-Hour Lesson Package - $300.00
• 5-Hour Lesson Package - $345.00
• 6-Hour Lesson Package - $390.00
• 10-Hour Lesson Package - $570.00
•  Each Additional Hour - $45.00
Easy Payment Available


Beginning and Advanced (Lessons Only) Are Available for:


• 3 Hours of Lessons - $130.00
• 6 Hours of Lessons - $260.00
• 10 Hours of Lessons - $430.00
•  Each Additional Hour - $45.00
Easy Payment Available


Defensive Driving Course

Learn defensive driving and save on insurance. You receive a 10% discount on collision and liability insurance when you complete our defensive driving course. This is a 6-hour classroom session for $50. Call for the next date.

Our driving school teaches you all of the road rules you need to be a skilled driver.